Pushing String: A Film Maker's Journey

Monday, July 21, 2014

What's happening

Some great news to report, we have a music composer working on 'Stalking' currently doing the sound, foley, and music over in London! Rob Knight from Sonik Lab is onboard taking the short to the next level! 

Also, the novel version of Redeemed has been completed, revised, looked over by SAS Military Advisers, C17 Pilots, Intelligence Ops for authenticity, polished, and read by a professional author friend of mine, and finally submitted for publishing consideration. 

I've taken up fashion photography in what little spare time I have to keep the creative edge flowing. 

More updates to come!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Time rolls on...

I've tried starting this post so many times, deleting and starting again, which is rather apt in that I wish I could go back and start a few things again in this life, but eh, that's the point, it doesn't stop for anyone.

I had an overwhelming sense of optimism when it came to film, it wasn't a matter of if, but when. Though I obviously mentally glossed over the 'when' part, because I thought I would have made a feature by now.

It's January 2014, and I kicked off the Redeemed idea back in '09, and got the concept trailer and script campaign done in the years following.

What is success?

The Redeemed idea didn't explode onto the scene as I'd hoped, but it did result in me writing a novel, which is currently with readers for feedback before submitting for publication. There's a wonderful feeling of having completed a book, something that I really enjoyed doing, plus didn't have to worry about a budget haha (literary helicopter explosion, that's free! Massive firefight, those literary bullets don't cost a cent) If the book is published, is that a indicator of success of the idea? A marker?

My short film Assassin's Art was released, and I've spent the last couple of months looking into music composition for my sniper short film 'Stalking', which a rough cut has been completed for some time. 
My wife resigned her job in April '12 and we've been living on a single income as she launches her own business, and as most business owners know, it costs a lot to launch and maintain a business. I've done my absolute best to support her in her dream as much as she has supported me, so as we both fight the world to make our voices heard, real life does take its toll, and time rolls on.

I feel like I've let me supporters down, they invested time, effort and funds into the 'Stalking' film and it's not moving as fast as I'd like. In fact, nothing is moving as fast as I'd like. Perhaps I'm supposed to learn patience, or something is forcing me to slow down so I don't burn out from all the projects I'm doing. I don't know. Either way i feel I'm letting them down, and myself down, I could be doing so much more, surely?

I've taken up fashion photography as a creative release, doing free shoots for no reason other than to just have fun. There's a purity in that, creating for no purpose other than you want to share something beautiful. I took out a loan, bought the equipment, and now I'm running with it. My portfolio is here - http://www.flickr.com/photos/100297968@N03/

All of those things I'm doing in my spare time, because I work full time for a broadcast network, making TV Commercials, and lately, two half hour episodes of a TV Show have been consuming my life. Yes, I get a producer/director credit, so that's something right?

Many people would kill to work full time in my job. In fact, a mate of mine said, if you saw your job advertised in the paper/job section, you'd apply. So that's a good indicator that I'm where I choose to be.

I was fifteen when I came home from watching a TVC edit at a TV station and said 'I know what I want to do with my life'

Well, I'm living my fifteen year old self's dream, I'm in the biz, full time. I'm successful by someone's standards...

But as a creative, I'm not satisfied.

Satisfaction in what I make, does it exist? There's always the feeling of 'could I have shot that a different way? Lit it differently? What if I had more time? and on and on, and I know i'm not alone in those thoughts, pretty sure every film and TV person thinks the same thing before releasing/broadcasting their work.

That crazy 'what if' which is the genesis of many an idea, is also a curse of many a project. I'm not giving up.

It just takes time, and a plan.

A plan that can be actioned. So I'm still chipping away at my plan, with many a poker in the fire - novel writing, photography, film making, TV Commercials, TV Shows. And if I crash and burn, well at least I bloody tried.

And all I can ask is that if you follow me on twitter, facebook, instagram whatever, say g'day because interaction with other creatives is so essential in this world, and I love talking with people.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Short film Assassin's Art complete

After a long post process and Sound Engineering in London, one of my short films is finished!



Monday, February 11, 2013

Stalking is a wrap! BTS photos

Well 'Stalking' is a wrap and I want to thank my amazing crew for a wonderful job!

My actors Trudi Michelle and Morgan Allan are beautiful and talented!

My DOP Glen Bowden is a master

The hair and make up by David Moore was perfect

My boom operator Tony Collins showed his skill in difficult scenarios

My darling wife Evita did an incredible job as my 1st AD


Now to the edit suite!

Also a massive thank you to Megan Gale for allowing us to use her Swimwear line Isola, and to her sales manager Tash Tanti for helping us buy them direct!



Saturday, December 29, 2012

'Stalking' Short Film location scout

We've finished filming Rob Maylor's scenes and now we are waiting for the lead actress schedules and location availability to line up. Here's some shots of our fantastic location!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Redeemed and Stalking Progress

Well it's been a while since I blogged and for that I apologise but here's an update!

Redeemed continues progressing as a novel, chipping away at the pages bit by bit, and my short film 'Stalking' is slowly moving forward.

After casting Morgan Allan and Trudi Michelle as my lead actresses, their schedules don't line up with the location availability till February...

So in the mean time I did a photo shoot for the poster of the film with DOP Glen Bowden

Here's some of the shots!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

16 days to raise $2K

So Rob Maylor and I filmed a little promo video for the short film 'Stalking' in a bid to raise more awareness of the funding campaign!

Please spread the word and tell your friends, we're making a movie and need your help!

Check out the clip here!

and help make it happen here